Our homes will set the trends for 2021, gaining relevance due to the confinement experienced, an experience for the world that will not go unnoticed. All these events and the fact of spending more time in our homes allow us to re-evaluate the home and the meaning of the word.

Working at home

Since office jobs are being carried out from home, the new work landscape is increasingly flexible and adapts to how you want to work depending on the day and how we are going to dress.

Millions of people around the world are getting used to video conferencing and digital communication tools.

Attention will be directed to practical garments to relax or for daily activities, and that serve for work, rest, or leisure contexts. In 2021, our homes will be multifunctional, just like our clothes.

The rise of living wear at home inspires comfy, elevated basics that are as practical as they are stylish.

Home clothes for the outside

Comfortable garments with an elegant touch allow users to go from the sofa at home to the street without the need to change.

Working at home changes the way we dress. Check your office clothes and tailoring and make them comfortable and safer.

Sportswear (sportswear) that is already a trend could come to the office.

Relaxed fashion, spacious comfortable garments, maxi garments, pajamas, jumpsuits, natural fibers, which offer us well-being and protection.

My home, my gym

In the field of fitness, high-tech interactive systems offer a unique gym experience in the living room, allowing remote connection with virtual classes and trainers.

Family feeding

Revaluation and reconnection with our loved ones, the fact of being confined solidifies our family relationships, the time to spend more time at home ah creates special spaces in the home such as the kitchen, where many of us have spent more time than usual, to spoil ourselves or our loved ones.

Wellness leisure healing space hygiene

Health is skyrocketing to the top of the priority list now that the benefits of staying fit and healthy are proving more relevant than ever. For this reason, health gains weight with a holistic approach to wellness.

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