Updated: Dec 17, 2020

One of the results of the pandemic is the new awareness of consumers, which leads them to question fashion brands about their sustainable and ethical actions, the decrease in the frequency in which they will consume, in addition to opting for a style of clothing multifunctional, comfortable and, at the same time, elegant. It is extremely important to understand this new behavior to adapt to this new scenario. We prepared some discussion points about the new consumer’s behavior:

The fear

Although it manifests itself slightly differently in each generation, some elements affect all groups: the two main ones are economic insecurity and ecological or environmental insecurity.

Eco anxiety

a feeling of chronic concern about the consequences of global warming, which is increasing. It causes us to care more about the world our children will inherit. This is a global sentiment.

Economic uncertainty

The coronavirus pandemic gave us fears of a new global recession. This instability has been exacerbated by immense economic insecurity and rising unemployment caused by the coronavirus pandemic. All these sociological factors modify consumer behaviors

Responsible consumption

Durable and useful products that serve multiple purposes and can be resold will be the most valued. Consumption decisions will be more considerate and will make people focus on useful, versatile, and durable products that include safety or resistance elements.

Traceability - Origin of products

It is the possibility of finding and following the trace through all the stages of production, transformation, and distribution of a product.

Minimalism - less is more

The term minimalism, in its most general scope, is the tendency to reduce to the essential, to strip away excess elements. The silhouettes should be relaxed and easy to adapt:

prioritizing comfort indoors and outdoors, allowing the silhouettes to be practical, durable, and to pose a design from natural simplicity.

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