W E A V I N G   S T O R I E S


The word "text" comes from the Latin TEXTUN which means to write or to link.

"With threads of words we are weaving, with threads of time we are living, texts are like us, woven stories."  

Eduardo Galeano


Our creations are handmade in the heart of the Andes of Peru in collaboration with artisans where tradition is transmitted from generation to generation.

We do not believe in fast-fashion and hyperconsumption, for this reason we make unique handmade-to-measure pieces for you.

We prefer quality over quantity, each garment is woven with love, thinking about who will use it.

One sweater takes around 35 hours to be woven by one of our craftsmen.

H U M A N  F A S H I O N

Bringing nature to touch your skin.  Experiencing new sensations that feel like an extension of your body.

Through both the visual and physical softness of the fiber, the garment will inspire you and take you on a journey, telling you its story.

Our designs are timeless with an aesthetic that can be easily mixed  and matched with other designs.

We are engaged with local communities where we support cultural and economic sustainability

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