We have a conscious and sustainable Christmas gift proposal! ADOPT AN ALPACA is a sustainable collaborative campaign with the Cooperativa Agraria Alpaquera del Sur, in which we come together to offer you a unique experience.


By adopting an alpaca, you will be able to choose one and follow its growth for a year, from its first month of life and its daily activities, through two photos per month accompanied by a short text describing the activities. Also, you will be able to choose the name of the adopted alpaca.


We seek to share these experiences with our clients so that they can experience and share new knowledge about these incredible animals and the importance of alpaqueros and their families in the entire process of breeding and shearing the alpaca fiber. It will also allow us to give visibility and revalue the ancestral holistic work of animal husbandry in the Andes of Peru.

The first two months are free, so you can try the experience and become familiar with the adopted alpaca. After the second month, the contract is renewed. The price is 25 euros per year. (All the money collected will be administered by the cooperative who will deliver the corresponding amounts to the alpaqueros to contribute to better raising the animals).


You will receive the following information: basic information of the animal weight, gender, measure, and place of birth of the alpacas. You will also have information on the family that raises them and two photographs and information on the behavior characteristics of the adopted. You will also be able to name your adopted alpaca.


The renewal and adoption payment is 25 euros per year from the second month.