MACO CALDERON is a Quechua designer from the central Andes of Peru, who since his childhood was fascinated by the symbolism of the traditional garments world. He studied an undergraduate fashion design course in Argentina and Peru followed by a postgraduate degree in Mod'Art Paris.
His creative universe has its roots in the pachamama (mother earth) because according to his grandfather, who was a textile artisan and shaman (paco), everything begins and is found in nature which is his source of inspiration. His creations communicate values ​​of sharing, reciprocity and respect.
Maco Calderon proposes contemporary creations made by artisans where savoir faire is recognized and transmited from generation to generation, in the heart of the Andes. His creations carry the sacred sense of the Andean culture for the purity and nobility of the materials used, always looking for a balance between ancient and contemporary forms. He offers minimalist geometric silhouettes in natural unsaturated colors, allowing new forms of bodily sensations to be experienced that manifest as an extension of our body.